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Our attorneys are experienced on federal criminal defense cases with an emphasis on complex cases and cases that involve immigration legal issues.

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A non-citizen convicted of certain crimes in California may face deportation/removal, exclusion, loss of a visa or Green Card status, and/or denial of U.S. citizenship. Our Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Diego can prevent that.

The crossover between immigration and criminal law can be a complex area of law. If you are a non citizen facing a criminal charge, you need a lawyer who knows both criminal and immigration law.

Criminal Defense Lawyer San Diego Areas of Practice

  • Federal Criminal Defense – All Areas
  • Federal Complex Mortgage & Bank Fraud Investigations
  • Federal Complex  Drug Conspiracies RICO
  • Federal Appeals & Habeas Corpus Litigation
  • Prosecutor & Law Enforcement Misconduct
  • Ineffective Assistance of Counsel & Lawyer Malfeasance
  • Federal Corporate Compliance & Criminal Risk Assessment
  • Select Federal Civil Litigation & Other Federal Matters

You need a lawyer who can use a careful criminal defense strategy with immigration consequences in mind. Our city and other border towns are very common places for immigration crimes and having the support of a knowledgeable criminal immigration law office in San Diego is the most important thing if your facing charges of this nature.

Let our skilled criminal immigration law office in San Diego help you determine whether your criminal issue has created an immigration problem that may bring a halt to your life in the United States. Deportations involve leaving many of the things people have worked for their whole lives. Not only that, but whole families get separated in these horrific events.

Deportation is preventable if you have the right criminal immigration attorney behind your case who can navigate the details of your case and build an arguable defense.

Many non citizens have benefited from our criminal immigration law office in San Diego and our services. From the free initial consultation all the way down to your trial, our immigration attorneys fight aggressively to get you the justice you need. Are you looking for a successful attorney?

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