Corina Trujillo

Senior Immigration Paralegal (Family Based Petitions)

Corina understands the responsibility, commitment, devotion required at The Cruz Law Office. Her dedicated and meticulous attention to detail has helped our immigration clients obtain desired outcomes. Corina has expressed a sincere interest in helping others, which has resulted in high work product time and time again.

Corina Trujillo grew up in Mexicali, Baja California, México. When Corina was 14 years old, her family immigrated to the United States in pursuit of a better life. Corina enrolled in High School and was exposed to English for the first time. Corina’s father obtained legal permanent residence through the migration regulatory program for undocumented farm workers. He worked hard to support his family, learn English, and apply for U.S. Citizenship. Corina’s father then petitioned for his wife to become a legal permanent resident and for his two other children to become U.S. Citizens.

Her life experience, including helping her family obtain legal status, motivated her to pursue a career in which she would be able to help others seek a permanent home in the United States. Her experience allows her to empathize with the people we represent.

She is dedicated to helping the San Diego Criminal and Immigration attorneys at the Cruz Law Office provide its clients the best possible service.

Corina’s goal is to become an immigration attorney. Corina has assisted many of our clients, and one of her most memorable experiences was a VAWA case where she assisted a woman who was abused by her husband after being married to him for over twenty years. The client worked with Corina and successfully obtained legal status under VAWA.


Ana Lainez

Immigration Paralegal (Hardship Waivers and Family based petitions)

Ana is a paralegal that focuses on hardship waivers at The Cruz Law Office. Ana was born and raised in Spain. In her native country, she studied law and is an attorney. Ana came to the United States on a student visa and completed an MBA degree at the Lindenwood University.

She enjoys working with our clients because she can easily empathize with their experiences in the United States, as she too had to learn the language and quickly adapt. She specifically finds it rewarding to be a part of a life-changing event in their lives.

From the time Ana has been with The Cruz Law Office, she has been fortunate enough to work with a diverse set of clients. She particularly remembers her first case. A woman immigrated from Mexico many years ago and sought our assistance to obtain approval on a hardship waiver. This client had lived in the United States for many years and was married to a U.S. citizen with three U.S. children. One of her children suffered from Autism and she dedicated herself entirely to helping him and other children that also suffered from Autism. Ana successfully gained the approval of a hardship waiver by showing the client’s presence in the United States was vital to her family in the U.S.

With her experience and education, Ana wishes to return to Spain and open her own immigration law firm.


Sindell Trujillo

Immigration  Paralegal & Deportation Defense Case Manager

Sindell is a paralegal and the office’s chief case manager. She takes part of the deportation defense team.

Sindell was born and raised in Mexicali. Her mother and siblings immigrated to the United States to reunite with her father. Sindell was in second grade when they immigrated and made San Diego, CA her new home.

Sindell shared the same struggles any immigrant child faces in a new country. She did not know English and struggled to learn the language and adapt to the American culture. Sindell recalls teaching herself English by watching movies with English subtitles and practicing it with her friends.

Sindell appreciates that she is able to empathize with clients at The Cruz Law Office because she has experienced many of the same struggles. She enjoys developing a case from beginning to a successful outcome.

Someday Sindell aspires to finish her studies in clinical psychology and has an interest in becoming an actress, as she enjoys drama and the fine arts.


Nohely Fregoso-Soto

Legal Assistant & Chief Office Administrator

IMG_0845 - CopyNohely is a legal assistant and chief office administrator at the the Cruz Law Office. Nohely’s focus is to see that all is orderly and efficient in the office. Nohely enjoys working with people and understands the importance of creating a safe and trusting environment with clients and colleagues alike. She finds that assisting her colleagues helps the office run smoothly and is always glad to lend a helping hand to keep everyone in high spirits and keeping the work flow steady.

Nohely was born and raised in San Diego, California of two Mexican immigrants who met after immigrating to the United States. Nohelys mother gained her citizenship through the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (Simpson-Mazzoli Act) during the Reagan administration. Being of the first generation of her family to be born in the United States, Nohely has grown up learning about the struggles her parents have faced as immigrants as well as paved the way for her younger sister growing up in a Mexican-American household.

In her free time Nohely enjoys hiking throughout the various trails around San Diego and other nearby regions, doing yoga, and listening to live music. When not out seeking adventure, she spends her time reading books and listening to podcasts about philosophy, psychology, and science.

Nohely is currently attending San Diego Mesa College with a major in Political Science- International Relations and hopes to transfer to a nearby San Diego University. After graduating she hopes to apply as a commissioned officer with the United States Air Force, and later go on to pursue law school. She hopes to specialize in Immigration, Security, or Military law.


Isela Andrea Ruiz

Legal Analyst & Marketing

Isela is a Legal Analyst who also takes part in the Marketing team at The Cruz Law Office. She grew up in Tijuana, Mexico, where she attended school throughout middle school, and moved to San Diego, California for high school.

Isela grew up wanting to become a lawyer as an adult, but pursued a Communication Studies major at the University of San Diego instead, graduating in May of 2015. However, her eagerness to help people and be able to do something with her Mexican-American background has led her to enter the legal field of immigration.

Her favorite TV series include Suits, CSI, and Castle. All three shows are about lawyers and criminal cases, so she feels The Cruz Law Office is the perfect place to be at. Other than that, her hobbies include photography, video editing, music, and meeting places.


Alejandro Uria

Online Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur

IMG_5155-editAlejandro has been working with The Cruz Law Office as a marketing consultant for 3 years, he is our Marketing guru who helps us better understand the Hispanic audience and implement different forms of advertisement which will get our office closer to the latino community in need for immigration assistance. He attended college in Havana, Cuba from 2003-2008, in the University of Computer Sciences where he developed programming and project management skills. Alejandro is an entrepreneur, passionate about business, he runs a Web Design Firm, Owls Web Design and Online Marketing Services in Spanish, Lista Legal for attorneys and other small business who are interested in working with the Hispanic market. Alejandro has played an important role in building and optimize our online presence through our Website, Google and Facebook page.



The French Bulldog

Bacon joined our team in mid-2015. His temperament, playfulness, love and attention brings a sense of community and commonality to the office. Bacon was born on April 1, 2015, and belongs to Mr. Cruz. However, Bacon occasionally visits with other team members and enjoys their family from time to time. Bacon is friendly and house-broken and enjoys the love and attention from our clients, visitors and his family at The Cruz Law Office, APC.

Bacon wants to continue his presence in the office and get more love and treats from staff members and our clients.

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