Corina Trujillo

Senior Immigration Paralegal (Family Based Petitions)corina-trujillo

Corina Trujillo grew up in Mexicali, Baja California, México. When Corina was 14 years old, her family immigrated to the United States in pursuit of a better life. Corina enrolled in High School and was exposed to English for the first time. Corina’s father obtained legal permanent residence through the migration regulatory program for undocumented farm workers. He worked hard to support his family, learn English, and apply for U.S. Citizenship. Corina’s father then petitioned for his wife to become a legal permanent resident and for his two other children to become U.S. Citizens.

Her life experience, including helping her family obtain legal status, motivated her to pursue a career in which she would be able to help others seek a permanent home in the United States. Her experience allows her to empathize with the people we represent.

She is dedicated to helping the San Diego Criminal and Immigration attorneys at the Cruz Law Office provide its clients the best possible service.

Corina’s goal is to become an immigration attorney. Corina has assisted many of our clients, and one of her most memorable experiences was a VAWA case where she assisted a woman who was abused by her husband after being married to him for over twenty years. The client worked with Corina and successfully obtained legal status under VAWA.


Sindell Trujillo

Immigration  Paralegal & Deportation Defense Case Manager

Sindell is a paralegal and the office’s chief case manager. She takes part of the deportation defense team.

Sindell was born and raised in Mexicali. Her mother and siblings immigrated to the United States to reunite with her father. Sindell was in second grade when they immigrated and made San Diego, CA her new home.

Sindell shared the same struggles any immigrant child faces in a new country. She did not know English and struggled to learn the language and adapt to the American culture. Sindell recalls teaching herself English by watching movies with English subtitles and practicing it with her friends.

Sindell appreciates that she is able to empathize with clients at The Cruz Law Office because she has experienced many of the same struggles. She enjoys developing a case from beginning to a successful outcome.

Someday Sindell aspires to finish her studies in clinical psychology and has an interest in becoming an actress, as she enjoys drama and the fine arts.


Eduado ‘Eddie’ Nino

Office Administrator

Eddie was born in Palm Springs, California. He grew up in a city near Palm Springs called La Quinta where he attended elementary, middle school, and high school. He also played on the varsity baseball team his sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school.

Coming into The Cruz Law Office he really had no interest in immigration law; after a few weeks, he started to gain an interest in immigration after inputting all the interesting data into our clients’ files.eddie-nuno

He finds this job rewarding because he can help immigrants who come to America live a happier life with less worries about being deported. Looking back five years, he wouldn’t have thought he’d be where he is right now. With that said, he’s thrilled with where he has landed to date, and is very excited to see what the future holds for him at The Cruz Law Office. For fun he enjoys a beer with friends, playing pool and shooting darts. He also enjoys playing golf every now and then.


Genesis ‘Genny’ Zepeda

Court Case Manager and Legal Assistant

Genny was born and raised in (WHERE) Mexico. Her mother is Mexican and her father is Iranian, and they are both immigrants to the United States (U.S.).

She moved to the U.S when she was 17 years old and finished her last year of high school in San Clemente, Ca. Genny had no English language knowledge or American culture knowledge but she adapted quickly. She was determined to learn English so she encouraged her immigrant friends to speak English and she was able to communicate effectively in English after six months.genny-zepeda

She graduated high school and then moved to San Diego where she attended Grossmont College and obtained a certificate in Business Office Technology. Genny’s still at Grossmont College completing a paralegal degree and plans to transfer to a university in San Diego.

When she’s not working or studying, she enjoys practicing yoga, going to the movies, cooking, reading, and relaxing at home with and her two cats. Working at The Cruz Law Office is one of the most rewarding jobs she’s ever had. To work with a team of such hard-working people, and to be able to help clients from different, sometimes humble backgrounds, is rewarding.

She can relate to the challenges of being an immigrant. She can truly say she loves her job. In five years, she sees herself working at an immigration law firm, continuing to help people who seek a better life and reaching the American Dream.




Anneth Barajas

Immigration Paralegal & Attorney in Mexico

Anneth was born in Los Angeles on January 21, 1989 and grew up in the state of Sonora, Mexico until she was 17 years old. She then moved to Mexicali, Baja California where she obtained her law degree to become a lawyer in Mexicoanneth-barajas.

She enjoys working for The Cruz Law Office in the legal immigration field because helping people to obtain a legal immigration status is a very satisfying way of serving the community in San Diego.

She believes that by working diligently in immigration law, the immigrant community in California will increase the likelihood of enjoying their life in the United States. In 5 years, she sees herself being a successful attorney after living the experience of helping many immigrants get their citizenship and preventing their deportation.

Anneth also enjoys taking photographs of people while they’re going about their daily routine and teaching yoga in the Rancho Peñasquitos and Solana Beach communities.






Gilbert Morales

USCIS/U-Visa Paralegal


Gilberto Morales is Central American. His mother is from Guatemala and his biological father is from El Salvador.

Currently, Gilberto is a part time student at San Diego City College and a full time employee at The Cruz Law Office. He has a passion for creative writing and photography and is working on getting an associate’s degree in photo-journalism.

Working at The Cruz Law Office gives him the opportunity to help his community to obtain a better future in this country. He’s very grateful that he can give immigrants hope.

As someone that comes from an immigrant family and a third world country, he knows the struggles and obstacles that our clients have to face on a daily basis.

Therefore, he is determined more than ever to help them with any immigration services.

In the future, he would like to use his writing and photography to help his Hispanic and LBGT community see that even though we might come from different places we are very similar to each other.




Lorena Paulina Olverapaulina-olvera

Receptionist & Office Manager

Paulina is the receptionist at The Cruz Law office and Bacon’s (our office dog) walker.

She finds her job rewarding because she spends every day around wonderful people and she tries her best to put a smile on for everyone who walks in our office.

Paulina was born and raised in San Diego, California. She’s planning to go back to school soon to become an Elementary School Teacher. She’s had this in mind for years since she’s always loved being around people, both children and adults.

Paulina feels that working at The Cruz Law Office has helped her reach her goals and connect with diverse types of personalities.

On her free time, she loves to be out and about, going to the beach with family or shopping. She hopes five years from now she’ll be closer to her
teaching goal and still be able to walk our pet Bacon.


Rafael ‘Rafa’ Cuadras

Marketing Director and Videographerrafa-cuadras

Rafa was born in San Diego and grew up living in Tijuana, Mexico. From an early age, he’s been crossing back and forth between Tijuana and San Diego for school and work. He has a personal interest in immigration because of the role it plays his daily life as an international commuter.

On top of that, he says that immigration is interesting because it follows the history of the state of California through its cultural evolution and sets the stage for current issues in our diverse society. He’s lived all over the Golden State and has spent time with migrant workers in the fields as an Agricultural Business and Marketing student. He finds that working for the Cruz Law office to be rewarding because it reminds him of the impact that legal representation has on the immigrant community in San Diego.

Five years from now, he sees himself on a virgin beach somewhere in Asia laying on the sand or swimming in the waves. He likes camping, surfing, painting and listening to live music during his time off.


Alejandro Uria


Online Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur

IMG_5155-editAlejandro has been working with The Cruz Law Office as a marketing consultant for 3 years, he is our Marketing guru who helps us better understand the Hispanic audience and implement different forms of advertisement which will get our office closer to the latino community in need for immigration assistance. He attended college in Havana, Cuba from 2003-2008, in the University of Computer Sciences where he developed programming and project management skills. Alejandro is an entrepreneur, passionate about business, he runs a Owls Computers and Web Design a Computer Repair Company in San Diego  and Lista Legal an online marketing service for attorneys and other small business who are interested in working with the Hispanic market. Alejandro has played an important role in building and optimize our online presence through our Website, Google and Facebook page.



The French Bulldog

Bacon joined our team in mid-2015. His temperament, playfulness, love and attention brings a sense of community and commonality to the office. Bacon was born on April 1, 2015, and belongs to Mr. Cruz. However, Bacon occasionally visits with other team members and enjoys their family from time to time. Bacon is friendly and house-broken and enjoys the love and attention from our clients, visitors and his family at The Cruz Law Office, APC.

Bacon wants to continue his presence in the office and get more love and treats from staff members and our clients.

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