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According to a recent article in the San Diego Union Tribune, more employers in San Diego than in any other city provide legal and/or financial assistance to gain citizenship to their employees who are legal permanent residents through the nationwide program “New American Workforce”.

Here is what you need to know:

  • “New American Workforce” is a nationwide program run by the nonprofit organization “National Immigration Forum” in Washington, D.C.
  • More than 25% of the 200 companies participating nationwide are located in San Diego
  • The program’s objective is to help employees with the naturalization process, that is the somewhat costly and complex process of becoming a U.S. citizen
  • There are several ways in which employers can help their employees on the way to citizenship:
    • provide financial assistance by paying part of the application fees or offering microloans
    • provide legal assistance to overcome obstacles such as minor problems in the applicants immigration or criminal history
  • The program’s many benefits can be enjoyed by many, especially the citizen employee, the employer, and the San Diego economy:
    • Citizen employees build self-esteem and pride and are happier
    • Employers benefit from their enhanced productivity and loyalty
    • San Diego’s communities become stronger and more inclusive, which leads to a stronger economy


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