Our immigration consultation will look at the details of your case and give you clear information about what our attorneys can do for you. If you have questions, the best time to ask them is during our immigration consultation. Attorney Narciso Cruz is glad to meet you to clear you of any doubts.


You need a lawyer who can use a careful criminal defense strategy with immigration consequences in mind. Our city and other border towns are very common places for immigration crimes and having the support of a knowledgeable criminal immigration law office in San Diego is the most important thing if your facing charges of this nature.

Immigration and nationality law can be exceptionally difficult and daunting.

This is especially true if you are facing immigration consequences as a result of a criminal conviction. The importance of choosing the right attorney cannot be overstated.

With our immigration consultation you can witness the familiarity we have with even the most complex immigration cases out there. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet with a well seasoned immigration attorney that can answer any of your questions and get you closer to obtaining the justice you need.

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