He was very honest from the beginning!

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I would describe him and his law office as AMAZING, attorney Cruz has been my lawyer for quite a bit now and has help me tremendously with advice and with my case. He and his team have answered all my questions regardless of whether they are complicated or just simple. The first impression I got… Read more »

Top quality support, they helped our family.

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Narciso Cruz’ law office offers top quality support, they helped our family when we needed immigration assistance – first to renew a visa and later when it was time to apply for the green card. He took us down the right path and was there all the way to answer any questions regarding our case… Read more »

The Dream Act: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

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The current Deferred Action for babyhood entrance (DACA) program applies to illegal immigrants who entered the US (United States) previous to their 16th birthday and before 15 June 2007, and allows them to receive a three-year exemption from having to leave the country, along with the possibility of being granted a work permit. President Obama… Read more »

U Visa for Victims of Crime

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The U visa: help for non-citizen victims of crime A U visa or U non-immigrant status is sometimes issued to people who are not United States citizens or permanent residents, but who have been fatalities of certain crimes committed on US territory. This means in effect that a person who is a proven victim may… Read more »

What to do when you are detained by Immigration in San Diego? Call an Immigration Attorney Now!

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Detained Immigrant’s Rights. What to do when you are detained by Immigration? With tensions running high in the United States right now, it is not unlikely that you as an immigrant could possibly be detained by immigration. The important thing to remember is that in this country you have certain rights available to you under… Read more »